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C# With Block

So, one of my big “beefs” with C# is the lack of support for “with” blocks. If you just want the solution to my complaints, scroll down most of the way through the article. I come from a C/C++ background, but spent several years in the VB6 world, and came to the conclusion that with [...]

Why Doesn’t LINQ Perform?

I’m not talking about speed / performance, LINQ is plenty fast for my needs. I’m wondering why linq can’t perform any ACTIONs, why it can’t DO anything. Yes, I understand, its called “Language Integrated Query” because it is meant to be used as a way to ASK questions, not PERFORM operations. That is all fine [...]

HOW TO: Print-off a SQL Server 2008 Database Schema

This particular project was a lot of fun, because it reminded me just how much I love LINQ, and not just as a substitute for SQL