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Printable HTML Pages

The secret number is: 660px And you thought I was going to say it was 42. 660 pixels is the page width for printing html pages without clipping from most browsers (actually, I got 672px before I saw clipping). Of course, your millage may vary. It appears that IE defaults to 0.75 inch borders all [...]

Sample User Authentication Database Schema

My User/Password Database Schema for Business Applications When I first bumped into the built in ASP.Net User Authentication Provider, I lived for a couple of hours in bliss thinking to myself “that’s convenient, I’ll never have to worry about the user authentication portion of my websites and business applications again” — until I tried to [...]

C# With Block

So, one of my big “beefs” with C# is the lack of support for “with” blocks. If you just want the solution to my complaints, scroll down most of the way through the article. I come from a C/C++ background, but spent several years in the VB6 world, and came to the conclusion that with [...]

Why Doesn’t LINQ Perform?

I’m not talking about speed / performance, LINQ is plenty fast for my needs. I’m wondering why linq can’t perform any ACTIONs, why it can’t DO anything. Yes, I understand, its called “Language Integrated Query” because it is meant to be used as a way to ASK questions, not PERFORM operations. That is all fine [...]

HOW TO: Print-off a SQL Server 2008 Database Schema

This particular project was a lot of fun, because it reminded me just how much I love LINQ, and not just as a substitute for SQL

My Email Schema in SQL Server 2008

Here is the SQL Server script for creating my simple Email Database for the samples I will be blogging about on this site. The schema is documented here. And, sooner or later, I’ll post SQL scripts for other languages as well. Dont forget to check out the Pro’s and Con’s for using SQL Server to [...]

Example Email Database Schema

My Simple Example Database Schema I decided to draw up a simple database schema to start using for examples on the site. In today’s blog entry I will describe the different tables and their relationships, and, in the future, I will post up sql scripts for creating the tables in different sql dialects. I selected [...]

Initial thoughts on ASP.NET MVC

This blog entry is entirely abstract, no code whatsoever.  And it contains opinion.  If opinion offends you, or if you only want functional code to play with, this entry will probably just frustrate you. That said, my topic of discussion is the new MVC option for ASP.NET. The Model View Controller Framework: Brought to You [...]

Using XSLT to transform XML into HTML

It is getting to be more and more common for web services to product XML data as opposed to serving up fully fledged HTML. Client side applications are then responsible to take the XML data they requested and rewrap it into whatever formatting they want. XSLT is a sort of style sheet for taking a [...]

Oracle PL/SQL Associative Arrays Example

I used this example in a presentation the other day, so I figured I’d post it up for anyone who is interested. This uses features that are new to Oracle 11g (such as Indexing by a VARCHAR2 key). Sample Code showing use of Associative Arrays declare — create an associative array data type type account_map [...]